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Welcome, Vassar On-Campus Employer!

Below are a list of forms and resources you may need throughout the academic year.


Icon-Log In  Forms 

       Student Termination Request

       Create a New Job

       Create a New Job: Gifts, Grants and Grant Internal Award Form

       Create Additional Opening(s) for an Existing Job

       Change/Update Job Details (Budget Info or Supervisory Organization)

       Break Applicant Preference List

       Temporarily Close a Position

       Permanently Close a Position

       Student Questionnaire for Grant/Research Payments

       Late Paper Time Sheet (two sided print required)


       I-9 Form - Must be completed prior to legally begin working and be hired in JobX (only for students who have never held a         campus job 



Icon-Log In  User Guides

        On-Campus Employer Guide to JobX



Icon-Log In  Information

       2017-18 Student Pay Schedule Calendar

       2017-18 Job Registration Calendar

       2017 Student Summer Payroll Calendar

       Vassar College Student Employment Handbook