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Icon-Log In   Welcome to Student Employment
    Welcome! Our mission is to support the educational goals of Vassar College and its students by offering part-time on-campus and off-campus employment opportunities for students demonstrating financial need.  By providing assistance in the operation of the Vassar campus and community with administrative and academic support and resources, students are able to achieve both professional and personal development. For more information click here.
Icon-Log In   Required Forms  (click)

Download your I-9 form here.  This is required in order to legally begin work through Vassar Student Employment. Information on your other tax forms are included in the above link.


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Community Service Work Study (CSWS) Program


The CSWS program is a Federal program which allows students awarded a Federal Work Study Allowance (CWS) to work at a local not-for profit or public sector organization to provide services to help benefit the local community.

Icon-Log In   Frequently Asked Questions

Questions about web time entry, the job registration process or student employment in general? Check out our FAQ's to help answer your questions.

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A limited number of jobs are available during college break. Priority is given to international students on financial aid followed by students with high financial need who are able to work full time. 


National Student Employment Week

    Join us in recognizing the contributions both our student employees and employers make throughout the year!
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    Conduct either quick or advanced searches for available jobs. Submit an online job application!
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Be the first to know when jobs matching your criteria become available.

Icon-Log In   Student Payroll Guidelines 

Learn about the payroll policies and procedures. Check your timesheet due dates and the dates your checks will be issued. Tax and direct deposit information.

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Enter your Time Sheet       

Time entry is in Workday. Time sheets are due 10am on Mondays of the designated payroll period. For information on how to enter time, click here.


LATE PAPER TIME SHEET: Complete a late paper time sheet (click) if hours are past 3 pay cycles (6 weeks).  All other missed hours are to be recorded on Workday timesheets.

Icon-Log In   Forms and Guides
    Additional payroll forms, direct deposit instructions. Policies and job registration information can be found here 
Icon-Log In   Contact Student Employment
    Have questions? Click here and send us your questions, suggestions, or concerns.