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Forms for Working on Campus

The I-9 form is required to legally begin work on campus. Once a department manager offers you a job, download and complete the I-9 and bring the form to Student Financial Services with the required original identification and employment authorization documentation (no copies/scans/pictures) listed on the last page of the form.  

  • You will most likely need to bring these forms of ID from home, as it requires more than just a drivers license.  Generally students use either a Passport, Passport Card, Social Security Card or birth certificate along with with their student ID or license.
  • This form can only be completed after you have been offered a job on campus and must be completed prior to being hired. The I-9 form is available for download in both printable and fillable versions on the Student Financial Services website. You should only need to complete the I-9 form once while working at Vassar.

When your form is complete, the Student Finanacial Services office will give you a hiring form to return to your supervisor to let them know you can be hired in JobX. Once hired, you will receive an email notification with your position information and you can legally begin working. If you do not receive this email, please contact your supervisor to ensure the hiring has gone through.

W-4 form, State Withholdings forms in Workday.  After you are hired in JobX, your position information will be available in Workday (click) on the next business day. When logging into Workday, you will need to complete your Onboarding tasks in your inbox which include your W-4 and state / local tax forms and verify your social security number is correct.

  • Access your Workday Inbox (upper right corner) Click cloud, then click Inbox or Notices and complete in full all requests.
  • Verify that your Social Security number is correct – Click “Personal Information” worklet - About Me/ Personal tab/IDs tab.  If there is an error, please email

We recommend you consult your parents or tax person to complete your Federal and State withholdings forms or refer to the IRS withholding calculator. International students without a social security number will need to apply for an SSN in order to complete these forms (see International Student FAQ). 

Direct DepositWe highly encourage signing up for direct deposit to ensure that paychecks are not lost and you receive your funds immediately in your bank account even when you leave for breaks. 

  • Click on the “Pay” worklet then Payment Elections and follow the prompts. It takes one complete pay cycle to pass before your direct deposit take effect.   ***Direct deposit will not work until you have completed all Workday Onboarding requests