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Vassar College Community Service Work Study Program

The CSWS program is a Federal program which allows students awarded a Federal Work Study Allowance in their financial aid award to work at a local not-for-profit or public sector organization to provide services to help benefit the local community. Education is the primary focus of this program, with job placements in tutoring, literacy, a range of after-school programs, community advocacy, elder care etc. Students are expected to attend orientation, training, and reflection/evaluation programs as part of their hours worked.

We currently have CSWS agreements with over fifteen community agencies in the Poughkeepsie area. Our community partners offer students unique and transformative experiences and encourage community engagement. Through the CSWS program, students can work up to their allotted 8-10 hours per week at an agency of their choice, and get paid by Vassar College through Federal work study funding. Many of the agencies are located within driving, walking or biking distance, and others are located along the various routes of the Poughkeepsie Bus Service.

If you are a local not-for-profict or public sector organization which provides beneficial services to the local community, you may be eligible to participate in the CSWS program.  If interested, please submit the CSWS Organization Participation Request form and the Assistant Director of Financial Aid & Student Employment will be in contact with you.